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Honestly if I took your son across the fucking country from you, and hardly said shit to you for 10 days even though I promised to call and send videos and shit. You would be so fucking pissed at me. Yet I have to sit here, and pretend the shit doesn't bother me.


And I'm sure everyone thinks I'm the bad fuckin' person
Murdy Self-love

Just me messin around.

I got bored last night, and a friends title made me decide to flow a bit.

At first I didn't know how I wanted to do it, then I decide I wanted to make it kinda a tongue twister like Twista's old stuff before he got famous, and the sole reason he can rap as fast as he can. I think I pulled it off kinda well, in case people get confused it's meant to be rapped really fast, and it probably only sounds good the way I have it in my head. Eventually i suppose I'll probably find a beat I like against it and try and do it to it so people can hear it like I want them too. I really like it alot so it's a shame it's only in text right now. Also in case you don't catch the purpose it's a guy attempting to pretend that he doesn't care about love, then someone makes me realize that actually it's all he's ever cared about, and still is all he cares about. He knew this though all along so he's not so uncomfortable with the change in reality.

I had to use a bit of actual human inspiration to bring it down to earth a bit, there's some little clever refrences that only one person is gonna catch, but they're small, and won't take away from the flow itself.

ALSO! The Bar's after the word "dream" are arguably removable. I, at first, ended the song there after dream, but then decided it would be fun to go back 180 to the start of my flow, and cleverly change around the words to be spoken how he truly ment for them to be, but take it with salt as I feel I didn't pull it off well!

Anyways without further stalling!

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